Upcoming Training In Bangor

The following calendar is specific to the Greater Bangor Region, Penobscot, and Piscataquis Counties. Trainings are conducted by the Maine Labor Group on Health. For a complete list of trainings offered by this group throughout the state go to:

Course Offering Course Description Course Outcome Date Contact
Renovation, Repair, and Painting Refresher Course This 1/2 day course will allow someone who has taken the 8 hour Lead Smart Renovator course from 1999-September 2009 to become certified under the new Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rules. To become certified under the RRP program you must complete this refresher course and have a copy of your Lead Smart Renovator certificate. If you previously completed the Lead Smart Renovator course, upon completion of this course you can apply to EPA to become a RRP certified renovator. Date:March 9 Location: Penquis, 262 Harlow St., Bangor Time: 8-12 and 12:30 - 4:30. Call Peter Crockett at Maine Labor Group on Health at 622-7823
Renovation, Repair and Painting Initital (RRP) Required 1 day course for those doing renovation, repair and painting work in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities. Course includes information on lead, lead safe practices, and reporting requirements and documentation thereof. Meets requirements of the federal RRP rule for work beginning after April 22, 2010. Upon completion must apply to EPA for firm certification. Feb 6 and March 8 Location: Bangor Time: 8-4:30 March 13 Location: Lincoln Time: 8-4:30 Call Peter Crockett at Maine Labor Group on Health at 622-7823
Essential Maintenance Practices for Landlords CANCELED CANCELED Originally Scheduled February 6

For a complete schedule of training opportunities visit the Training Calendar at the DEP website at www.maine.gov/dep/rwm/lead/index.htm