Special Resources for Bangor Landlords

Statewide, 40% of all lead poisonings occur in 5 of our larger Cities. Within these communities 80% of lead poisonings occur in older rental units. To help eliminate lead poisonings in the City of Bangor, specific programs have been developed, as follows:

image4Free Lead Dust Testing
The Maine Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in partnership with Bangor Region Health and Wellness is providing free lead dust testing for landlords in the City of Bangor. Below are the key requirements for participation in this program:

Qualifying Properties:

  • Rental properties in the City of Bangor, and
  • Occupied or intended for families (no one bedrooms, unless presently occupied by a child under 6), and
  • Built prior to 1950, and located in a census block area where greater than 50% of the units are pre-1950 (see map at right, darker areas are the priority)

Landlord Requirements:

  • Complete application form and agree to program terms

Terms require: Agreement to conduct second test if lead tests positive. To participate in this program and receive up to 5 lead dust wipes per unit, complete the application (link below), and follow the directions to return the document.
2012 Dust Wipe Info and Application & Program Conditions of Participation (click for document)
Other resources to help you identify and eliminate lead include: (click on title for document):
Lead Dust Test Results
Cleaning Up Lead Dust
Getting the Lead Out: Take Advantage of Unit Turnover

image5Free Lead Consultation
If you would like help assessing lead dangers in your pre-1950 rental and have unit(s) which contain 2 or more bedrooms, or which you are currently renting to households with children under 6 please contact Penquis. We will consult with you, visit your units, and offer advice. Rob Seavey, Certified Lead Risk Assessor will meet with you and provide confidential information to help you make your units lead safe. Contact: Rob Seavey, [email protected], or call 973-3552 to set up a consultation.

Reduced Price for Use of HEPPA Vacuum
Bangor landlords can rent our HEPPA Vacuum for a reduced fee of $5 / day. To arrange this please contact Brandy Robinson at [email protected] or call 973-3612. Mention you are a Bangor landlord and provide your address.